Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DSM Day in the Triangle

Several of us in the Triangle organized a town meeting about the Downing Street memos on July 23rd, the third anniversary of an incriminating meeting recorded in one of those documents. It was a day of action called for by Rep John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) and the After Downing Street Coalition. The meeting was at the Community Church of Chapel Hill, 7-9:30pm and about 42 people came. The general tone was that we should lobby Price on this continuously wherever we can. I circulated the petition I mentioned earlier and got almost two pages of signatures and gave a petition to someone to circulate. Right now we need to support Rep. Barbara Lee's (D-CA) Resolution of Inquiry requiring the Administration to hand over British-American communications from most of 2002. It will be voted on sometime within 16 days from Thursday, the 21st, when it was introduced. This is Bush's chance to come clean, or it could provide new revelations about how the Iraq War was launched.

A blog will probably be set up to keep in touch and maybe a listserve. There will be a story on this in the August issue of Triangle Free Press. I think the lack of a definte plan and follow up meeting could be a problem. There was also a house party in Raleigh for DSM Day.

Organizations aren't as interested in the petition as I was hoping but I will go forward with it. There are copies at Internationalist Books in Chapel Hill and at the Durham Food Co-op. I plan to leave copies at The Know Bookshop Friday also. Three other people might be circulating the petition as well. Maybe there will be enough signatures in late August or in September to call a meeting on how to present this to Rep. Price.

The July issue of Alliance! ( is out and has an article calling for impeachment that refers to the DSM and a call for Alliance ML comrades to work on this issue.