Sunday, April 17, 2011

Events this week

In honor of the great Russian communist leader VI Lenin's birthday, April 22, 1870, this month's episode of Communist Voice is the Soviet film The Life of Vladimir Lenin, more for its unique archival footage than for its political clarity.  Communist Voice is available on cable Mondays 4-4:30pm on The Peoples Channel in Orange County and parts of Chatham County and on Durham Community Media. 
April 22 is also Earth Day and the 25th annual Pilgrimage for Peace and Justice is this week, and stops in the Triangle area April 21-22 (see for the schedule). 
Please let me know if you know of events planned for International Workers' Day/May Day.  The annual marijuana legalization rally will probably happen May 1st at the State Capitol, but I am not aware of any labor events planned in the area.