Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrating the 95th anniversary of the Russian Revolution on The Peoples Channel and Durham Community Media

The September-October episode of Communist Voice has been broadcast for 8 weeks, so under TPC/DCM rules it won't be shown October 29th, but the next episode should air November 6th, just in time for the anniversary of the socialist stage of the Russian Revolution, November 7th. This is the most complex episode to produce up to now, editing together videos from DVD, VHS, and YouTube. It includes a re-airing of the English language Soviet video Chronicle of October- 1917, another short Soviet video and a YouTube clip featuring songs of the October Socialist Revolution, and a few music videos from the Pakistani communist pop band Laal [Red]. Laal's channel on is laalpakistan and the lead singer and guitarist is a leader of the Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (Communist Workers and Peasants Party).

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friends of the Durham Library fall book sale is this weekend

The fall Friends of the Durham Library book sale is this weekend at the Main Library downtown. There are several copies of Marx's Capital and the Communist Manifesto this time, in the expanded and now more prominent philosophy section. In the special price section there is a nice $6 set containing the Chinese (English language) editions of classic Marxist-Leninist texts such as the Manifesto, Lenin's Imperialism, and Stalin's Foundations of Leninism. Someone helpfully wrote “Workers of the world unite!” on the price tag. I almost bought it myself, but I already have most or all of the books in one printing or another. They are also online and some are being reprinted by Red Star Publishers. Unfortunately there is not a separate Russian/Soviet history section this time. There is also a wide selection of books in other subjects, as well as music and videos, and even a Whitewings paper airplane kit. Books are only 50 cents for paperbacks and a dollar for hardcovers and large paperbacks. The sale is 10-4 Saturday and the bag sale ($7 for a grocery bag of books) Sunday is 2-5. The branch sales going on all year at other libraries are separate and do not include decommissioned library books and seem to sell novels mainly. The spring 2013 sale will be the weekend of April 12th.