Saturday, December 03, 2011

Durham Bill of Rights Proclamation Monday and Loose Change on Communist Voice

The 9th annual Bill of Rights/Human Rights Proclamation will be presented at the beginning of the Durham City Council meeting December 5th at 7pm in City Hall.  The Durham Bill of Rights Defense Committee invites people to attend and it can also be seen live on cable's DTV8. 
Communist Voice is showing a one hour version of Loose Change - Final Cut this month, starting this Tuesday at 6-7pm on both Durham Community Media and The Peoples Channel.  Loose Change is a famous 9/11 truth documentary, available in several versions covering many of the holes in the official story and this version leaves out some questionable claims in previous versions.  This cable access version was provided by  There are enough shows on 9/11, US war crimes, Soviet history, leftist music, etc. available now and our cable access channels have space for new programming, so Communist Voice now has an hour every week on Tuesdays.     

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